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A New Way to Eat Nutella

We didn't think it was possible, but eating Nutella just got better.

Italian designer Paolo Ulian invented finger biscuits—small, thimble-shaped cookies you wear on your finger and dip into a glorious jar of Nutella.

While we're a proponent of eating Nutella any which way you please (e.g.: strawberry to Nutella, finger to Nutella ... I'd probably put my face in it if the jars were wide enough), Ulian's concept is seriously genius on so many levels.

1. When there's only a little bit of Nutella left in the jar and a spoon isn't going to cut it (those damn corners), finger biscuits can come to the rescue. Now you can finish every. last. hazelnutty bit.

2. When the kids are tempted to stick their little fingers into a jar of Nutella, just slip some biscuits on each of their fingers and voila! Talk about avoiding a sticky mess.

3. When you're going at your secret stash of Nutella, and almost get caught, the evidence won't be on your digits anymore. The conversation will go more like this:

"Mom, are you eating Nutella? I thought we ran out of Nutella."

"No, hon. It's just a cookie."

You're welcome.

But the scoopers aren't for sale yet. The concept was first introduced at the Pappilan exhibition in 2004 and was acquired by chocolate and confectionery giant Ferrero in 2006, though there aren't any concrete plans to put it into production. Come on people, why aren't these in stores?!

For now we'll just have to distract ourselves with these Banana Nutella Brownies.

And Nutella Lava Cake.

And Nutella-Stuffed Ravioli.

Photographs via Toxel / Twenty20

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