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Watch This Sassy Flower Girl Give Dad a Lesson on Weddings

Being a flower girl is a huge deal for any little girl so it only makes sense that JoJo would want her dad to understand exactly how he should behave at a wedding. Because there's nothing worse than having your dad embarrass you in public, right?

The sassy tot starts out by bluntly stating, "Dad, you don't know what weddings look like." I mean, just because your dad is a pastor whose officiated dozens of weddings doesn't mean he knows anything about anything. Clearly!

JoJo then goes on to explain that her dad should not be talking to anyone walking down the aisle ... especially her. When he asks if he's allowed to call out "Princess," JoJo gets really exasperated. "There's going to be a bunch of people sitting there and then they're just going to hear us and they're going to be like, 'Why were you doing that? That was dumb,' and they're not going to think you're a good daddy." Makes perfect sense to us.

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Soon all of this explaining is just too much for the little girl as she exclaims, "You do not understand weddings! At. All." And what female couldn't relate to JoJo's feeling of frustration because they just don't get it?

See the drama unfold for yourself.

So how did JoJo do? Her dad tells Buzzfeed Life, "She nailed it—and I didn't say anything when she came down the aisle."

Just wait 'til she's thirteen, Dad.

Photograph by: YouTube/JoJoLomelino

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