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Transgender Waitress Calls Out Dad on Facebook

Liv Hnilicka is calling out a father on Facebook for how he handled his daughter's questions about whether or not Hnilicka, a Minneapolis waitress, is male or female.

After the family was seated, the dad went up to Hnilicka and said, "My daughter just asked if you were a boy or a girl."

What he said next is why the waitress shared the story on Facebook.

After reading about parents (and their teens) protesting a high schooler who wants to use the girls' bathroom, this kind of open and empathic approach to learning about other people is wonderful. Stories like Hnilincka's, this Kansas City high school's homecoming queen and the fact that a television series about a transgender parent of grown children getting five Emmys on Sunday are a great reminder: This next generation we're all raising? They're going to be way better than the previous.

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