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The 10-Year-Old Comedian You Have to Watch

Funny doesn't even begin to describe the 10-year-old who has become a viral Internet sensation. Saffron Herndon, a comedian, actress and writer, has been doing stand-up for almost two years—and she's already killing it.

Her jokes are punchy, sharp, dark and edgy (some are even calling them inappropriate) yet undeniably hilarious.

I mean ...

Herndon hopes to follow in the footsteps of comedy heroes: Tina Fey, Amy Poehler, Phyllis Diller and Aubrey Plaza. And we definitely think she'll get there, leading a new generation of powerful, badass female comics.

Her material touches on race, music, marriage equality, relationships, her parents and even 'Merica. She has performed at festivals and shows, including Laughfest in Michigan, Dallas Comedy Festival, Amsterdam Comedy Festival and Out of Bound Comedy Festival.

"My dad says I'm not pretty enough for pageants ... so he makes me do comedy," Herndon opens in her standup.

But really, Herndon got into comedy because her dad did standup, and she always thought it was interesting and fun to do. Plus, she loves making people laugh. So she came up with 3 minutes of material, went to an open mic, kept revising and coming up with new jokes, and finally got to her first show.

Just don't ask her if her material is her own, like what Chris Sebilia did when he asked in an "TNM Tonight" interview, "You write most of your own jokes, right?"

"I write ALL of my jokes." Boom.

She told BuzzFeed that people who think she can't come up with her own jokes "make me feel angry, but then it makes me laugh at how stupid some adult's perspectives are on me. But I do write my own material. I do collaborate with others, like most comedians."

She hopes to be on "Saturday Night Live" and have her own TV show one day.

We'll leave you with some of our favorite lines from Herndon:

"I don't learn anything in school. It's just if I don't go, they'll put my mama in jail."

"I watch this show called 'The Flintstones.' Most of you guys look like you probably watched it. But when you watched it, it was probably just called 'the news.'"

"I told my dad I wish Kurt Cobain had waited 20 more years before killing himself so I could have at least seen him in concert. My dad said: 'Why don't you just wish he didn't kill himself?' Yeah, Dad, and then not have the Foo Fighters?"

Photographs by: Facebook

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