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The Surprising Reason Carly Fiorina Won't Attack Hillary Clinton

Call it the campaign equivalent of the "bros before hoes" motto so popular among millennials. Carly Fiorina vows she will never make a personal attack on Hillary Clinton. Apparently the Republican candidate feels a great deal of empathy for her embattled rival, who has been picked apart by opponents for years.

"We as women, especially in presidential politics, need to play by the same rules as the men. If we want to play this game as equals, we need to play by the same rules, and that means our track record is relevant," Fiorina explained to People magazine. "And so I never make a personal comment about Hillary Clinton—my criticism of her is fact-based, based on her actions and track record. And that is fair game."

The pair reportedly first met when Fiorina gave the commencement speech during Chelsea Clinton's Stanford graduation in 2001. At that time, it's doubtful either women envisioned they would be going head to head for the highest office in the country. Though Fiorina admits that when Clinton asked for support during her first presidential campaign in 2008, she declined to give it. Perhaps the former Hewlett-Packard head already had her own sights on politics even then. Getting into the fray herself has undoubtedly helped her form a kinship with Clinton.

"I feel empathy with every woman who is working really hard and giving it all they've got—and Hillary is," Fiorina said. "She's smart, she's hardworking, she's giving it all she's got." It's the type of compliment you rarely see across party lines, especially in the high stakes bid for the White House.

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