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Period Talk Support for Squeamish Parents

Talking to daughters about their periods shouldn't be so hard or uncomfortable. Nevertheless, plenty of parents don't feel like they know what they're doing.

And where there's an insecurity among parents, you can bet there's a solution in the marketplace. Lammily, the group who brought us realistically proportioned Barbie dolls, is hitting the market with developmentally specific supplies—in a fun pack of colors!

For $10, you can order an educational pamphlet, a pair of panties that fits Lammily doll, 18 reusable colored pads and liners stickers, a calendar and dot stickers.

While you wait for your kid's Period Party to show up, you can watch this intentionally cringe-inducing video.

The idea behind the Period Party is for parents to have a way to approach their daughter's about the period talk. Maybe some twee mini-pads will help.

Period Party ships in November in time for Christmas and Hanukah. If your daughter needs the info before then, maybe skip the party and just clear your throat, look her in the eye and start talking.


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