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This Fun Hack Will Stop People From Touching Your Pregnant Belly

Photograph by Twenty20

For some reason, people think it's OK to touch a pregnant woman's belly without asking. Hello, that's someone's body! Strangers and relatives alike gravitate toward a baby belly like moths drawn to light. Frankly, Samantha Reid is sick of it.

After Reid talked with her husband about how many people have touched her belly without warning, he came up with the best gift ever: a "No Touchy" spray bottle featuring Kuzco from Disney animated film "The Emperor's New Groove."

Though the bottle isn't filled with some magical keep-away liquid (just water), it's enough to humorously get the message across, especially to repeat offenders.

"My husband fully supports my right to personal space and insists if I spray enough people, I might be able to condition the behavior at least out of our neighborhood/family," she wrote on Reddit. "If someone is inappropriate, I can just spray them and say 'bad!'"

Photograph by Reddit

We can't blame her for using this "spray it, don't just say it" method. (Actually, many women could use a version or two of the spray bottle.) Reid has had to deal with family wanting to touch her bump without permission for a while, and sometimes it even leads to full-on arguments.

"My mom is one of the people who I got this 'teaching tool' for. She insists it is always coming from a place of love—people who remember being moms or want desperately to be moms and to feel what a baby moving feels like. They get so caught up in the miracle they just forget to ask and I can't hold it against them. She insists because she is my mother it is her right to touch me however she wants and without asking, and it is selfish to be annoyed or offended in any way by any of the people who sneak up and touch me at any point," Reid wrote.

Though she in no way has to justify not wanting people to touch her belly, Reid further explained that pregnancy is already hard enough. Sometimes poking at her stomach could worsen her already nauseous state. Other times, pregnant women just want to go home and sleep instead of spending time letting someone rub and coo at their unborn child. Plus, Reid is a major introvert who gets anxious when people unexpectedly come up to her. She points out that other moms may have more serious issues with touching that people don't even stop to consider. At the very least, people should ask.

The spray bottle has been working like a dream so far, she said, and no one has dared touch her belly. Reid hasn't been gutsy enough to spray strangers yet, but she knows that with her baby due in late July, it'll be something she increasingly has to deal with.

Might we suggest perfecting the resting bitch face? Or maybe some funny shirts that read "Can't touch this," "If you didn't put it there, then don't touch it" or "I'm not a magic lamp" will ensure she never has to reach for the spray bottle again.

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