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Boy's Birthday Video Goes Viral

We've all been there. The moment comes, everyone has stopped singing and all eyes are on you to blow out your birthday candles. But as this little boy can attest, sometimes it's harder than it looks.

Marty Williamson was celebrating his second birthday with his parents, Ashleigh and Jason Williamson. As much as he huffed and puffed, he just could not blow out his candle as he got closer and closer to the flame.

"You're terrible at this," Jason can be heard saying in the video. "You're gonna light your head on fire."

However, Dad comes to the rescue. He gets Marty a straw and finally, the birthday boy has success! Of course, as soon as the candle is out, he gets right to the point.

"Now eat it," Marty said.

We agree, Marty. You worked hard. You deserve that cupcake.

Image via YouTube

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