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Mable to the Rescue!

Andrew Garfield has been replaced as Spider-Man, and the newest person to put on the suit is the cutest one yet. Mable Tooke, a 6-year-old girl with leukemia, dreamed of being Spider-Man, and the Children's Wish Foundation made that a reality for her.

The city of Edmonton Canada, Mable's hometown, was on board with the plan as well and declared the day to be "Spider-Mable Day."

When the captain of the Oilers hockey team went missing, the police and the mayor asked for Spider-Mable's help. She went to the mayor's office and began to solve the case with the help of Spider-Man. Her "investigation" led her to the Edmonton Valley Zoo.

She rescued Andrew Ference from "Mysterio" with Spider-Man's help. Everyone cheered as the hockey captain gave her a hug and thanked her for rescuing him.

"You see a smile on a kid's face ... you can't put a price on it, especially somebody that's gone through a pretty tough time like her," Ference said. "It's just so great for our city to support her like this and for her to know that she has an entire city behind her."

Image via YouTube

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