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Dad Builds the Most Amazing Ikea Hack Bed You'll Ever See

What to do when you need your older son's old toddler bed for your younger child but he refuses to upgrade to a bigger bed? Well, if you're Eric Strong, you build him the most awesome bed ever that he couldn't possibly ever turn down. And being the smart DIY dad he is, Strong didn't do this all from scratch—instead he employed several IKEA pieces to create the ultimate Ikea hack.

In keeping his promise to his son to make him "the coolest bed ever," Strong put together two Kura beds, a Trofast storage unit and the ubiquitous Besta shelf to make a bed/jungle gym/secret hideaway hybrid complete with built-in storage (aka every kid and parent's dream). Strong says he spent about 1 to 2 hours a night over the course of two months putting everything together.

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Some of the noteworthy details include an elaborate chute that his son can send a ball down, a secret under-bed room complete with LED lights and a hidden back entrance. There's even a secret door, activated by a fake book—I mean who didn't want that growing up?!

Take note Ryan Reynolds—simply duct taping together an Ikea crib isn't going to cut it anymore.

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