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Mom Surprises Transgender Teen in the Best Way

Erica Maison's child Corey had always been feminine kid who liked to dress up in skirts and wear heels around the house. In public, Corey dressed in clothing more typical of boys, the gender the child's family initially identified for Corey.

As the years went by, Maison wondered if Corey, who she then considered her son, might be gay. But around 11 years old, Corey saw a video of transgender YouTube star Jazz Jennings, and everything changed—for Corey, for the Maison family.

Corey began identifying as female.

Her parents supported her, even when her community didn't. They visited doctors who had experience working with transgender children. They sought advice and support. Soon, Corey received a puberty-suppressing implant.

Corey's life changed dramatically—for the best reason—recently, and her mom caught it all on video. After a 2.5-year wait, Corey would finally begin to develop biologically female characteristics.

Maison told Corey, who's looking impatiently at the camera, to open a bag that's behind the couch cushion. Corey asks what's her mom is up to now, but goes through with the request. She looks into the bag, pulls out a box and starts reading the label.

When she realizes what she has in her hands, she cries and stands to hug her mom.

Corey finally received her first pack of estrogen pills, something she had to wait on until she turned 14 and also got medical approval for. They knew the pills would come at some point, they just had to wait for a "readyness" letter from her doctor.

Both mother and daughter were caught off-guard when it finally happened.

Like the openly transgender teen in Kansas City who was named homecoming queen, Corey's story is heartening for everyone wishing support and love for transgender children. Even when parents offer their support, communities can push back, as was the case for a transgender teen who decided she would use the girls' bathroom during her last year in high school.

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