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It's a Reunion to Remember

They hadn't seen each other in almost 40 years, but the moment they spotted each other, two women began to cry and embraced each other. Are they mother and daughter? No. They are nurse and patient.

Image via Facebook

Amanda Scarpinati spent years looking at a photo of her as a baby being held by a nurse. She didn't know the nurse's identity, but she was thankful for her all the same.

Scarpinati was admitted when she was 3 months old, after she rolled off a couch and onto a boiling steam vaporizer. Her skin was scalded and badly burned, and she had to have several reconstructive surgeries when she was older.

"Growing up as a child, disfigured by the burns, I was bullied and picked on, tormented," Scarpinati told NBC News. "I'd look at those pictures and talk to her, even though I didn't know who she was. I took comfort looking at this woman who seemed so sincere, caring for me."

Image via Facebook

She decided to try and track down the unknown woman who meant so much to her. Scarpinati posted the photo on Facebook and sent out a message, asking for help to identify the mystery nurse.

She finally had luck when Angela Leary, a school nurse in Delmar, New York, recognized the woman as Sue Berger. Leary had worked with Berger for years and messaged Scarpinati with Berger's name.

Image via Facebook

The two were finally reunited at Albany Medical Center, where their journey had begun 38 years before. Their reunion was as emotional as you would imagine it to be.

"I couldn't believe it, couldn't believe it," Scarpinati told NBC News. "The emotion I felt, I wasn't prepared for [it] when I saw her. It was almost like hugging a mom."

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