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The Unbelievable Thing 6 Moms Who Used the Same Sperm Donor Did

Usually when a woman gets pregnant by a sperm donor, she has the baby and that's that. Everyone goes on living their lives and life goes on. Well, in this one extraordinary case, things turned out a little differently.

Kenyea Jones used a sperm donor to have her son Preston, now 20 months. The sperm bank she used offers the opportunity for moms who have used the same donor to connect online in a private forum. That's how Jones and five other moms first got connected. With seven children between the five of them, the moms would swap stories about the kids and post pictures.

After a while, the group decided to all meet in person—kids in tow. That's how seven "diblings" (aka donor-conceived siblings) and their moms all ended up converging at beautiful Niagara Falls recently.

Jones tells Detroit's Local 4, "We are going for a diblings reunion ... I want to make sure that [Presley] knows where he came from, the process and the siblings that he has, and so they can all become lifelong friends." And it's not only for the kids. Jones acknowledges that their little online group has turned into "a sisterhood, like we're in a sorority, a special club, a special mom's club—the donor club."

One of the other moms — Nathalie Vallee, mom of Emmett and Maggie — wasn't sure if she wanted to go through with the meet-up at first. "It was so new—you knew there [are] other kids out there that have the same donor but you kind of just want to not think about it. Then we kind of warmed up to the idea when we saw the pictures of the kids and the conversations, and it just kind of came about."

And now she's glad she did it. "I thought it was cool just to see that they really looked alike," Vallee says. "For me, it was just nice to see their faces. To see, OK, that's true, that's what feature of Emmett is actually from the donor."

The other moms expressed similar feelings and said that they hope these get-togethers can be something they continue to do in the future to keep building the "dibling" bond among the children.

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Photographs by: Click on Detroit

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