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The King of Cat Photography

Walter Chandoha knows cats. In fact, he has spent the last 70 years photographing them. Chandoha's signature style features brightly lit photos of cats and kittens.

His work has been used for cat food brands and jigsaw puzzles. Chandoha has also written several books explaining his tricks and technique.

Chandoha always did his work from a home studio, involving his family in his photographs. His wife Maria would help him with office work, and she had an ability to keep the cats calm and mostly still while Chandoha snapped photos.

"Without [Maria], I could not have made the vast majority of my pictures," Chandoha told Wired.

The world of photography has vastly changed since Chandoha first started. Everyone can now take their own photos of their cats and share them on social media. However, he is in favor of these changes.

"The Internet has made it possible for all cat owners to share their love of these wonderful animals," says Chandoha.

Image: Walter Chandoha via The New York Times

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