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Arie Makes April Fool's Pregnancy Joke, Becomes Even Bigger D-Bag

Photograph by GettyImages

By now, we know no April Fools' Day can pass without some tired-and-true "joke" about a fake pregnancy. And this year's high-profile couple was former "Bachelor" star Arie Luyendyk Jr., 26, and fiancée Lauren Burnham, 25.

The reality star posted a rather convincing photo of Burnham posing with her "baby bump" on Twitter with the caption that the secret was out—"we have a bunny in the oven!" An hour after letting his fans speculate if the post was a real baby announcement or a fake, Luyendyk Jr. posted an update, officially dispelling the rumor that he himself started. Ha ha ha! So funny, right?!

Except, of course, not everyone thinks April Fools' "jokes" about pregnancy are funny. Those who already weren't fans of Arie—arguably the douchiest Bachelor ever—pointed out that this move didn't exactly work to win him any popularity points either.

"So distasteful," tweeted one follower. "You thought the world was against you before. You just poured gas on that fire. Hopefully you two don’t have to struggle with this issues so many women face each day."

Lauren avoided posting anything on her own Twitter or social media accounts, although we have to assume that she knew what her fiancé was planning when he snapped that photo of her stomach. And while the star made his "joke" on Twitter, that didn't stop fans from blasting all of his social media accounts where fans were divided between those who thought the joke was funny and others who begged the star to realize how hurtful joking about pregnancy can be.

If you really want to do April Fools', honestly, come up with something new already.

"Pregnancy is NOT A JOKE!" wrote one commenter. "There are families all over the world trying to have children and can’t. Some woman have had a miscarriage or multiple miscarriages. There are families PRAYING to be able to conceive. How dare you make a joke like that. God forbid you have to go through something like that in your life. If you do, I hope someone rubs it in your face."

Harsh? Maybe. But I can relate.

I myself am just coming out of my second miscarriage. I can admit that pregnancy announcements are incredibly difficult for me to navigate and each one takes me several days to recover from. I have no idea if that's "normal" or not, because there's no such thing as "normal" when it comes to coping with grief or loss in any form. It's just the way it is and those who have lived through it fully realize that something as seemingly innocent as a Twitter post joking about a pregnancy can affect someone deeply.

When someone has such a carefree attitude about pregnancy to the point that they can joke about it, it makes you wonder if there's something seriously wrong with you when the thought of pregnancy consumes your every waking (and sometimes sleeping) minute. It's not cool and if you can avoid hurting someone else so deeply by simply—I don't know—NOT POSTING FAKE PREGNANCY NEWS, why wouldn't you do that?

It's not about being "triggered" or living in a time of everyone being offended by everything—it's as simple as recognizing that infertility, miscarriage and infant loss has most definitely affected someone in your life. It's not funny and it's nothing to crack jokes about. Period.

Oh, and one more thing? If you really want to do April Fools', honestly, come up with something new already. The pregnancy thing has been done a million times over and being lazy enough to recycle that tired "joke" is really the most offensive thing of all.

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