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Fans Rush to Defend Perez Hilton Shower Photo With Son

Celebrity blogger Perez Hilton got into a bit of hot water with some of his fans when he posted a shower selfie with his 2-year-old son Mario on Saturday.

While the Instagram picture shows the father and son smiling big for the camera, alongside the caption, "Our family motto is: #fun!," some of the online gossip columnist's subscribers have criticized the picture as "kinda creepy."

"I've never seen anyone else normal, celebrity or otherwise post themselves in the bath (with) a child," writes Twitter user K.Wing.

Following comments chastising Hilton, many fans have rushed to the 37-year-old father of two's defense. (Hilton also has a 5-month-old daughter, Mia, who was born via surrogate like her brother.)

"This is a completely normal family photo!" argues Instagram user alexandra04x. "I always bathed with my daughter."

"How ridiculous that a parent can't bathe with their child without being called a pervert," adds emmalou03. "I wonder if there would have been so much outcry if a female had posted this photo?!"

The photo and subsequent comments ignited a debate about whether parents should bathe with their children at all — or whether there's an age where it becomes inappropriate.

"Everyone does what they see fit as a parent," Hilton tells the Daily Mail. "Personally, I enjoy putting on my swim trunks and taking a shower with my son as often as possible. I'd rather do that than leave him unattended, which will not happen until he's older and I'm confident he can be safe alone."

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Images via Instagram

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