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3 Moms Create the Most Useful First-Aid Kit Ever

According to National Safe Kids, more than 23 million children under the age of 15 end up in the emergency room every year. And that's a number that moms—and ER doctors Seran Kim, Mizuho Spangler and Veronica Vasquez—want to see lowered.

The three Los Angeles-based emergency room vets have each seen many cases of children being brought into the ER with injuries that could've been treated at home if only parents had access to the right tools and hospital-grade materials that they themselves use in the ER.

"As emergency physicians, we see a number of children come to the ER with mismanaged wound care or inadequate fever control," says Dr. Seran Kim. "Many of these visits could have potentially been avoided with access to proper information." So the three moms created 3MD/Three Mommy Doctors and are now launching two medical-grade first-aid kits, babySTAT and kidSTAT thanks to the help of some Indiegogo support.

Dr. Veronica Vasquez tells mom.me, "As physicians and mothers, we realized what was lacking in a typical first-aid or baby kit. At the same time, we were often asked to help care for and treat the children of our friends and family. For me personally, becoming a mother for the first time made me realize how unprepared I was for the herculean task of caring for a newborn. Yes, being a doctor put me at a slight advantage, but I will reiterate slight!"

"We find when speaking with parents they are often confused about what injuries can be treated at home, versus those that need more urgent medical attention. So we spent a great deal of time dividing the kits into symptom-based categories, and wrote detailed instructions, as well as 'red flags' for parents to help them distinguish when they should head to their nearest ER."

And what parent doesn't want to avoid a long and arduous trip to the ER? Not only are the kits easy on the eyes, but they're infinitely useful as well. Each kit is divided into the most common kid emergencies, including: Ouchy, Cranky and Yucky in babySTAT, and "Aches + Sprains," "Bites + Burns" and "Cuts + Scrapes" in kidSTAT. And in case you're worried that you wouldn't be able to figure out how to use some of these medical-grade products, they've also included doctor-written, step-by-step instructions. Genius, right?

The kits are now available for purchase on their website . The babySTAT kit includes over 58 full-sized items included baby teethers and all-natural remedies, a fever dosage chart and saline nasal spray and costs $78 and the kidSTAT version includes 91 items including forceps, a pediatric CPR card and sting relief pads for $68.

The Indiegogo campaign to raise $30,000 ends October 7, 2015.

The three moms are more proof that when moms see a problem, they just go out there and create a solution. Because, obviously, moms rule.

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