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Watch: New Trailer and Photos for Disney-Pixar's 'The Good Dinosaur'

It's a "boy and his human" story.

"The Good Dinosaur," Disney-Pixar's newest animated film, arrives in theaters November 25, and the studio released a new trailer and images from the movie today.

Imagining the world as if dinosaurs didn't become extinct, the animated film centers on a green Apatosaurus named Arlo (voiced by Raymond Ochoa), who makes an unlikely small human friend.

After getting separated from his father (Jeffrey Wright) during a treacherous storm, Arlo must navigate a harsh landscape in order to find his way back home. He happens upon a small caveboy, who acts more like a dog, as well as all kinds of dinosaurs, from T. rexes to a Triceratops that wants the human for himself.

"The Good Dinosaur" is the second Disney-Pixar film to be released this year after this summer's "Inside Out."

Images via Disney-Pixar

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