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Check Out This Dynamic Duo

When it comes to animals, the most unlikely pairs become the best of friends. A cheetah and a dog are proving how true that can be at the Metro Richmond Zoo in Virginia.

When he was two weeks old, Kumbali started to lose weight. Concerned about his health, the caretakers at the zoo began to bottle-raise him. He slowly improved and started to gain back the weight he had lost.

However, Kumbali couldn't go back to his family, because there was a chance his mother would view him as a threat. The caretakers wanted a companion for Kumbali, because cheetahs are social creatures and normally bond with the other males in the wild.

Enter Kago. The labrador mix puppy came from The Art of Paws, a non-profit animal rescue organization. The caretakers loved the puppy, but they were worried about how Kumbali would take to Kago.

"After slowly introducing the two, they quickly assumed the title of friends. Now Kumbali can jump, run, lick and play with his pal Kago," Metro Richmond Zoo wrote. "They don't even seem to recognize their differences in species, size or color. There is only acceptance. Maybe we, as humans, have some things to learn from these two?"

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