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The 2018 Baby Names Everyone's Talking About

Photograph by Twenty20

While the Social Security Administration won't release its official list of top baby names of 2017 until the summer, the folks at Names.org just did parents-to-be a solid by predicting what the 10 most popular girl and boy names will be for 2018.

This list is so useful for three reasons: 1) It'll help you find a trendy name for your trendy baby, 2) it'll give you an idea of what to avoid because your baby has got to have her own personal brand, or 3) it will help you procrastinate on finding a name because, ugh, is naming a human being hard or what?

According to Names.org, every top 10 name in a given year was in the top 25 of the year before. So, the site based their predictions on Social Security data, looking at actual births in recent years, as well as what people are looking for on their site.

The results? People are keeping it classy this year with Olivia, Emma, Noah and Liam claiming the top spots. It doesn't get more classy than the British royal family, either, with parents also taking inspiration from Princess Charlotte (top 4 for girls) and Prince William (top 5 for boys).

Here's the full list of predictions from Names.org, including a few extra details from us.


1. Olivia (means "olive tree" or "emblem of peace"; you might want to thank Shakespeare for the name)

2. Emma (means "complete," "universal" or "risk-taker"; a great name for your strong-willed daughter)

3. Ava (means "lively" or "birdlike"; the name may be short but has lots of heart)

4. Charlotte (means "free woman"; so many famous women have this name)

5. Mia (means "wished-for child"; this one's been climbing the ranks, baby!)

6. Sophia (means "wisdom"; alternate spelling of "Sofia" might also crack the list this year)

7. Isabella (means "sworn to god"; this one's a game-changer)

8. Harper (means "person who plays or makes harps"; for fans of sweet Southern belle names)

9. Amelia (means "hardworking"; another favorite for beauties of the South)

10. Evelyn (means "life"; a really popular name in Minnesota)

Honorable mentions: Ella/Ellie and Zoey/Zoe


1. Noah (means "rest," "comfort," "peacemaker"; a desire for peace seems to be the theme of 2018, doesn't it?)

2. Liam (means "valiant protector"; a great historical name for your little king)

3. Benjamin (means "son of the right hand"; this name's been around since biblical times)

4. Oliver (means "olive tree"; a cute old-fashioned name that stands the test of time)

5. William (means "strong-willed warrior"; have you heard of a more dignified name?)

6. James (means "supplanter"; a classic name that's becoming more gender-neutral)

7. Elijah (means "Jehovah is God"; while Hebrew, the name resonates with Christians and Muslims as well)

8. Lucas (means "light-giving"; this name has steadily risen up the ranks and found itself in the top 10 for the first time in 2015)

9. Mason (means "worker in stone"; Thanks to Kourtney Kardashian and Melissa Joan Hart, Mason is now a part of pop cultural history)

10. Michael (means "who is like God"; a top name from the 1960s to 1990s)

Honorable mentions: Matthew/Mateo, Jackson/Jaxon, Grayson/Greyson and Aiden/Ayden

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