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California Mom Rejects Son's Homework

When Tara Cali, a Bakersfield, Ca. mom noticed her son's 7th grade history assignment asked him to name the Five Pillars of Islam and to summarize Islamic beliefs she refused to allow him to complete it.

According to Fox News Cali responded to the assignment with an angry note to his teacher that read:

"My son will not be a part of this in any way. This is bad teaching. He will not partake. If you have a problem with it, call our lawyer."

She then went on to quote five bible scriptures before adding:

"How about Christian principles? That sheet has never came home, this year or last!"

After posting a photo of the note on Facebook, the image was shared more than 100,000 times sparking debate among parents across the country.

Despite Cali's passionate admonishment, the top commenters seem to be in complete opposition to her position.

Eryn Tyler wrote "Let me first say, I'm a Christian, but I feel like you're taking this a little far. This is apart of World History. It's not to force religion upon your child. And this isn't just "here in Bakersfield". Remember that the teaching method is standardized. So that's a California thing. So good luck trying to find a different school that's NOT going to teach that textbook in this state."

Nick Miranda weighed in with "Look at how many ignorant people live in this town? A bunch of Christians who would have no problem forcing their beliefs on others are afraid of kids learning other religions and customs. This isn't a testimony of faith, it's a refuge in cowardice."

"All I see here is "I'm uncomfortable with my child learning about another religion," wrote Carson Ramirez. "And culture solely for the fact that my discomforts and insecurities about my own religion trump the idea that we could potentially mold a world with less racism and hate towards people with another belief system"

Taylor Nousch wrote "The only thing being "forced" upon your kid is ignorance and intolerance by YOU, the parent, because apparently Christianity is the only belief system a young human being should be allowed be educated on. All you are doing is breeding another member of society with an irrational fear of people who aren't Christian, and therefore embedding the future workings of hatred into your child's brain."

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