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Alabama Deputy on Comforting Baby After Crash: 'I Did Nothing Heroic'

Alabama Sheriff's Deputy Ric Lindley had no idea what he would find when he and partner Deputy Tim Sanford arrived on the scene of a highway traffic accident.

While pushing through standstill rush-hour traffic on the state's I-20 highway, Lindley and Sanford finally made their way to a crash involving an ambulance, a tractor-trailer and three cars.

Amid the chaos of smashed bumpers and buckled hoods, Lindley saw a young mother next to a car, holding her baby.

"I asked if she was OK," Lindley tells AL.com. "She was pretty well shaken up, so I asked her if I could hold the baby."

And since Tuesday, when the Jefferson County Sheriff's Office posted the now-viral Facebook photo of Lindley holding that little girl in the middle of the freeway, the post has received more than 26,000 likes and more than 9,000 shares.

After seeing the image, Facebook users rushed to compliment Lindley, who is also a father and grandfather.

"You're in good hands, baby girl," wrote the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office.

"Such an act of compassion," wrote Mary Ann Greenslade. "Thank you Deputy Lindley for being there for that sweet child. Prayers for all involved."

Still, Lindley insists that he didn't do anything out of the ordinary.

"I did nothing heroic," he tells AL.com. "All I did was hold a baby."

Luckily, all involved in the crash only suffered minor injuries. However, wanting to help out the young mother, Lindley says he held the little girl for "at least an hour and a half." During that time is when Sanford snapped the photo.

"The baby was fine because she had been buckled in a car seat, but she was upset to start with," he tells the news site. "I wanted to give her mother time to regain her composure. She's a young mother, and this was probably extremely traumatic for her. She was having a rough time from an emotion standpoint."

And while Lindley admits he loves children and would have 100 kids if he had the money, he still doesn't understand all of the attention he's now receiving.

"I'm just a man," he tells the news site. "I'm not better or worse than anyone else. I'm just a dad and a grandfather. That's about it."

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