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One Brave Little Girl

An 11-year-old girl and her mother were driving from Missouri to Nebraska when the mother, Shilow Boven, began to have a seizure behind the wheel. Daughter Katie Boven stayed calm and saved them from a disastrous accident.

"When I saw her shaking, I unbuckled my seat belt and I had to crawl over [her]," Katie Boven told WABC. "I had to sit on her lap. I had to move the steering wheel."

Boven couldn't reach the pedals, so she moved her mother's foot off the gas and steered the car into the grass.

"I waved for help and these two nice ladies ... her name was Haley, I don' t remember the other name," Katie Boven told WABC. "But the other one was a nurse and she was helping my mom."

Police and paramedics arrived on the scene, and Shilow Boven was taken to the hospital. She has been released, and doctors are trying to figure out what caused it since she has no medical history of seizures.

Katie's dad, Troy, also came to the scene and was happy to hear about his daughter's heroic act.

"I'm proud of her, so it's a lot of emotions," Troy Boven told WABC. "I believe God was watching over them this time."

Image via ABC

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