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Scientists Try to Break the Internet With a Twitter #CuteOff

Social-media-loving scientists have given Twitter users an adorable treat as of late by sharing photos of unusually cute animals.

Now, we're not talking baby bears or even adorable kittens — although they would obviously fit under the broad hashtag #CuteOff, which is fueling the beauteous brigade. No, we're talking slow pygmy lorises, a nudibranch (no, that's not some variety of saucy tree) and echidna puggles. (Although, the name on that last one is way cuter than the actual animal, IMHO. But to each his own.)

While scientists were quick to share photos of the animals they were studying, zoos from around the world as well as nature and conservancy sites have added their contenders as well. Regular people, of course, didn't hesitate to join in the sometime questionably adorable fun, either.

Here are a few selections:

Which one is your favorite?

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