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Popular Toy Causing Problems for Parents

Photograph by Melanie Seeley

You know those sticky little burrs that cling to your clothes whenever you step outside in the summer? Imagine getting an oversized one stuck in your hair or, worse yet, trying to pull 50 of them out of a child's tangled tresses.

A mom in Huntersville, N.C., is warning other parents about a popular kids toy that nearly led to shaving her daughter's head.

When 7-year-old Arielle tried to make a decoration on top of her headband using Bunchems (small balls with squishy spikes) last weekend, the balls rolled back into her hair, prompting her little brother to have fun with it.

“So, he now thinks it’s funny and grabs a bunch more of them and sticks them in,” Arielle's mother, Melanie Seeley, told WCNC News.

Melanie told the outlet that the whole thing happened in a matter of minutes. In total, 50 Bunchems were trapped in the little girl's hair and they weren't coming out.

"I was like, 'Are we going to have to shave her head?'" Melanie said.

Photograph by Melanie Seeley

After an hour of combing, with no end in sight, the panicked mother reached out to the private Charlotte Supermoms Facebook group.

“We had barely made a dent,” said Melanie, “and that’s when I posted on Facebook, 'Does anyone have any idea how to get these out of her hair?'”

"Definitely conditioner," one mom wrote on the Facebook page. "Start from the bottom and work your way up."

The post led to other moms claiming the same thing had happened to their little ones. That's when WCNC News did some investigating of its own.

It turns out, the company is well aware of the issue. In 2015, when similar complaints began surfacing online, the company issued this instructional video on YouTube, demonstrating how to extract the clingy toys from a person's hair.

However, Melanie said it took four hours and a lot of conditioner to remove the Bunchems from Arielle's hair, but she's happy to report that her daughter still has a full head of hair.

As for Arielle, she's busy warning other little boys and girls: “Not to put it in your hair.”

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