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Stop What You're Doing: It's National Dessert Day!

You're counting the days until you can eat your kids' Halloween candy. But wait no more! Today is National Dessert Day, the perfect excuse to satisfy your sweet tooth.

There's no time to waste. So we're jumping right into our most rewarding and easiest recipes. From no-bake desserts to fall favorites, we've got the perfect picks for every family.

Commence drooling!

10 Best No-Bake Desserts: No oven required! (Say what?!)

Sinfully Delicious Dessert Recipes: Let's keep this our little secret.

10 Light Versions of Decadent Desserts: For those who want to indulge but not too much, and not too little.

25 Delicious Slow Cooker Dessert Recipes: We bet you didn't know your slow cooker could create such magical treats.

10 Decadent Breakfast Recipes: We're not going to stop you from eating dessert for breakfast. #enablers

Last but not least, we're just going to put this here ...

10 Fall Pies: There's no better time to eat these than right. now.

If you still haven't seen something you like (which is impossible), head on over to our Food page, your infinite source of love.

Feature photograph by: Twenty20

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