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Parents Send Eye-Opening Note on Son's 20th Birthday

Call it tough love, but one 20-year-old young man in Japan received a birthday note from his parents that he surely hadn't counted on.

No, this wasn't a typical "Happy Birthday" card with balloons or even funny music that played when opened.

This was actually a "Notice of Expiration of Child-Rearing Services" letter. (Not something you typically see Hallmark advertising.)

Yuma Hasegawa's parents began the letter by wishing him a happy 20th birthday—which makes him a legal adult in Japan—but after that, they got down to serious business.

In addition to telling Yuma that he needs to be a "proper and responsible member of society, like [his] father and mother," the Hasegawas also let their son know that he would have to start paying rent and would be charged interest on any money loaned to him.

Not only that, but Mom and Dad also reminded Yuma that his name and picture could be shown on the news if he committed a crime.

And as far as marriage goes, he'd need to run the young woman by them or face the possibility that they might not "emotionally accept" her. Yikes!

While those warnings might sound a little harsh—or an enviable example of good parenting, depending on your point of view—Yuma posted the letter to Twitter and says that the sentiments were purely tongue-in-cheek.

After all, he reveals, he's already been paying his parents for rent and expenses for the last year. He even hopes to do more for them in the future.

Obviously that can only be the result of good parenting.

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