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You'll Never Believe This Crazy Twin Birth Story

There are a lot of unbelievable birth stories out there, but when twins are involved, it's doubly crazy—especially this one. Holli Gorveatt was pregnant with twins but went into premature labor at week 23. She delivered a 1 pound, 2 ounce boy named Link in September. And his sibling Logan? Well, he's still cooking in Mom's womb.

That's right: Gorveatt only gave birth to one of the twins, while the other is—ideally—not set to be delivered until his estimated January 2016 due date. This would mean that the identical brothers would have totally different birthdays, and even different birth years.

Before little Link was delivered, doctors performed an in-utero surgery to fix a complication known as "twin-twin transfusion syndrome," which occurs when the babies share a placenta. Dr. Martin Walker, who delivered Luke, tells ABC7, "So you have a situation where one baby becomes anemic and weak from blood loss, and the other baby becomes over-stuffed with blood, bloated and goes into heart failure." Fortunately, he was able to successfully separate the babies' blood vessels, which allowed one to come out and the other to stay in.

As for the future of baby Link and baby Logan, Dr. Walker says everything looks good so far and that since the delivery, baby Logan "has grown [and] looks healthy." While Link is still too little to be held, the family is able to spend time with him everyday while his brother continues to thrive in the womb.

And how does Gorveatt feel about all of this? The first-time mom shares that "It's very surreal—to be post-partum and partum." We can only imagine!

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Photograph by: ABC7

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