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Advice We Give Moms Sounds Stupid Given to Men

Mothers, we've concluded, can't have it all, but we've certainly heard it all.

Like the thing about sleeping when the baby sleeps. Or that our snacking is what's keeping us from losing the baby weight. How weekend meal prep and a great undereye concealer are key to raising well-adjusted children who won't make us feel inadequate come college acceptance letters season. That we'd be reaching our career goals if we'd just lean in (but not too far, too hard or too soon). And you know what? A great pair of heels could make all the difference.

Something like this:

You know who hasn't heard it all, but, despite some reports, kind of have it all? Men. Dads. Working fathers. They get to go to work, disheveled or not, hungry or not, well-slept or not. The only advice we suspect they get is from Waze on which route would be fastest on the evening's commute.

The things working women and mothers hear all the time, that we consider, debate, sometimes even heed, sounds ridiculous aimed at a working man. (See, even calling him a "working" man sounds weird. Of course he works. He's a man!)

The Twitter feed @ManWhoHasItAll makes it clear. And funny. (Laugh through the tears.)

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