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'Back to the Future' Day Is Finally Here

Welcome to the future!

Today marks the day in "Back to the Future II" when Marty McFly (Michael J. Fox) and Doc Brown (Christopher Lloyd) traveled forward in time to save Marty's kids.

Fans, movie theaters and a major soda company are celebrating all over the country. Yes, Pepsi is even joining in on the fun, selling special-edition bottles of Pepsi Perfect for the symbolic price of $20.15.

And if you're in Burbank, Calif., where many of the scenes were filmed, you can join the Million McFly March, which invites fans to dress like Marty McFly (yes, the puffy vest is a must), meet at the Burger King (next to Doc's Garage) and bring a donation to benefit research for Parkinson's disease, which Fox suffers from.


While we don't exactly have every futuristic technology that was featured in the famous trilogy—still working on flying cars and time travel—you'd be surprised with everything the "Back to the Future" films got right, even though the first two films were released in the '80s.

For instance, hoverboards? Got those. (Although, be sure to always wear a helmet.) Video chatting? You can thank Skype and FaceTime for that. Electronic glasses? Hello, Google Glass! (Granted, the company is still working on those.) And hats off to the iPhone for employing fingerprint technology.

Three-dimensional effects? We've got those, too.


And if you're feeling retro, go ahead and party like it's 1989 (when "Back to the Future II" was released). You must have an old jean jacket somewhere!

Image via Facebook

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