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Will This Robot Change Our Lives?

We may gain a year back in our lives, thanks to a laundry-folding robot. Seven Dreamers Laboratories, the company behind the technology, claims that we spend an average of 375 days folding laundry over the course of our lifetime. This robot could change all that and give us less time spent on chores.

Laundroid was revealed at the Combined Exhibition of Advanced Technologies, a technology trade fair outside of Tokyo, as a joint project from Seven Dreamers Laboratories, Panasonic and Daiwa House Industries.

The technology is being kept confidential, but designers did reveal that Laundroid uses image analysis to determine what the piece of clothing is. While it's impressive that the robot can fold laundry, it can only do one article at a time and takes an average of 5–10 minutes per article. Seven Dreamers is working to shave down the folding time before consumer release in 2017.

Image via YouTube

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