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So, Now There's a 911 for Diaper Blowouts?

Photograph by Twenty20

For many parents of babies, changing diapers is the bane of their existence. When your child has been going through 10 diapers a day, the last thing you want to deal with at 3 a.m. is a gag-worthy blowout or an unaccommodating baby who's screaming bloody murder. If only you could pay someone else to take care of it!

Actually ... that might not be such a bad idea, one company realized this month.

Childcare.co.uk "launched" Nappy 999, an on-demand Uber-like service for diaper changing, initially as an April Fool's joke. But then the comments started pouring in from parents genuinely hoping someone else could take care of their baby's "poonami" at the coffee shop or deal with the horrific explosion in the middle of a busy day. So, the company decided to launch the service for real.

The idea is that for £5 (or about $7) a diaper change (including the cost of a fresh nappy and the disposal of the soiled one), a Nappy 999 responder will be on-site within 10 minutes anywhere within the U.K. to help with that Code Brown sitch. (Side note: Some parents are uncomfortable with the idea of leaving their baby in a soiled nappy for 10 minutes and are hoping for faster response times, but unless you know Nanny McPhee, we won't hold our breath.)

At this stage, the company is looking for nappy responders to deal with these diaper-related emergencies. Applicants are required to have a background check and at least one year of diaper-changing experience. Already, in the last two weeks alone, hundreds of people have applied.

Unfortunately, there's no word on a similar service being available in the U.S., but we so hope someone out there is listening (just take our money, dang it!). In the meantime, parents will just have to settle for some diaper hacks to help make things easier, or laugh through the dreadful task with this definitive ranking of diaper-changing scenarios.

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