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Mom's Reaction to Target Ad Goes Viral

When mom Jen Spickenagel Kroll opened a recent Sunday's Target circular, she was stunned by what she saw: a girl dressed up as the wildly popular Elsa character from Disney's "Frozen."

There was something a little different about the Elsa in this advertisement, though, a difference that illicited an impassioned response from Kroll that has since gone viral.

The Elsa model, like Kroll's daughter, has leg braces and arm crutches. Kroll was overcome with delight when she saw the ad.

Kroll has gotten international attention for her praise of the big box retailer. She's been booked for interviews and her post has been shared more than 5,600 times.

Her post has also been shared across other social media platforms, including Twitter, with praise and comments from parents and companies alike.

A Target spokesperson told the Daily Dot that the company is committed to diversity and inclusion in every aspect of its business—that includes outward facing branding such as advertising. "Target has included people with disabilities in our advertising, including Halloween marketing, for many years and will continue to feature people that represent the diversity of communities across the country," the spokesperson said.

A Target campaign last year featured 2-year-old Izzy Bradley, a little girl with Down syndrome, which was the catalyst for the Changing the Face of Beauty campaign, a non-profit organization spurring corporations to commit to inclusion and diversity in their ad campaigns. So far, nearly 100 companies have committed to similar goals.

Target also recently announced it would end its practice of gendered aisles for toys.

Photos: Facebook

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