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We Can All Relate to Olivia Wilde's Latest Instagram Photo

There comes a point—and EVERY mom has been there, you know what I mean—when you can't recall the last time you took a real shower and you're just trying to survive the day. So it's no surprise that when actress Olivia Wilde posted this picture to her Instagram account, moms of the world went wild.

The actress, who is mom to one-year-old Otis with actor Jason Sudekis, captioned the pic: "I call this hairstyle, 'keep the kid alive'. Products you'll need: sweat, string cheese, diaper rash cream, chewed-up crayon, snot, and an enthusiastic spritz of panic."

Sounds about right to us. Especially the "enthusiastic spritz of panic" part.

Earlier that same day she also shared this photo, which also perfectly sums up motherhood:

Just another reason to love our favorite funny mom!

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Photographs by: Instagram/Olivia Wilde

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