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New York Nanny Who Killed Two Children Found Guilty

Photograph by NY Daily News via Getty Images

Yoselyn Ortega, the nanny who killed two children while their parents were away, showed no signs of emotion when the judge issued a guilty verdict in a Manhattan courtroom yesterday.

Despite Ortega's defense, claiming she had an undiagnosed mental illness that had gotten worse in the moments leading up to the murders, prosecutors insisted that she knew what she was doing when she brutally stabbed 6-year-old Lucia Krim and 2-year-old Leo Krim to death in October 2012.

"She did it intentionally with a full understanding of exactly what it was she was doing—every stab, every slash," said assistant district attorney Stuart Silberg during closing arguments.

According to Los Angeles Times, Lucia—known as Lulu to friends and family—had defensive wounds on her body after being stabbed more than 30 times with a knife. Leo was struck five times.

Marina Krim, the children’s mother, was at a swimming lesson with her then 3-year-old daughter, Nessie, when the murders took place. She said she knew there was a problem when Ortega failed to show up with Lucia at a ballet class.

Jurors listened intently as the visibly shaken mother gave agonizing testimony, describing the scene.

Krim, who gave birth to a fourth child one year after the incident, said she and Nessie ran outside and began screaming for help when they discovered the lifeless bodies of her two children—perforated by stab wounds—inside the family home.

"It was a scream you can't imagine is even inside of you," she testified. "I don't even know where it came from. I just thought: 'I'm never going to be able to talk to them ever again. They are dead. I just saw my kids dead.'"

The father, Kevin Krim, who was away on business when the murders took place, gave an equally heartbreaking testimony—bringing tears to jurors’ eyes as he recounted his final moments with the children.

"They still had this perfect skin and these long eyelashes," he said. "They had like sandy brown hair. ... You could see they tried really hard to wash all the blood out, but there was still kind of an auburn tint to it that I remember to this day."

During closing arguments, Valerie Van Leer-Greenberg, Ortega's lawyer, told jurors that mental illness "does not announce itself like a bad cough or a limp." She added, "Sometimes it sneaks up and nestles in before anyone takes notice."

Even so, jurors sided with the prosecution, who argued that Ortega, 55, acted out of jealous hatred of the children's mother, who lived a wealthier and happier life than she did. She faces life in prison once sentenced next month.

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