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Homesick Millennials Can Now Rent a Mom

Sometimes you need a mom who will listen. You need a mom who will watch a movie with you when you don't want to be alone. You need a mom who will be there to bake a pecan pie just for you. But sometimes your mom just can't be there for you when you need her.

When your real mom is too busy living her own life and you're left to fend for yourself, you can always call Nina Keneally, a 63-year-old mom from Bushwick, New York, who can deliver what you need by offering her time-tested mothering skills for $40 an hour, plus expenses.

Keneally created NeedAMom, a business that caters to 20- to 35-year-olds who need the loving attention of a mother, without all of the judgment.

On her website, Keneally promises never to question your lifestyle choices, be judgmental about your hair or wardrobe or compare you to your siblings—but she won't clean your room.

"Don't expect me to clean your closet or do your laundry," she told the New York Post. She added, in true mom fashion, "I'm not your maid!"

When Keneally moved from Connecticut to Brooklyn two years ago after raising two sons, she noticed that millennials in the city would reach out to her for advice and mothering. She decided to monetize the services she provided to them and has gained six clients so far.

She said she offers advice, but it's "mom" advice, not professional therapy.

"All the friends and people around me are the same age, and shrinks are just kinda impersonal," Natalie Chan, 34, explained to the New York Post. She pays Keneally $40 an hour for coffee and counseling sessions after their Thursday yoga class each week.

"She doesn't judge," Chan added. "She just kinda, like, smiles and says, 'Stop doing that.' She'll never say, 'You're stupid.'"

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