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These Kids Explain the Gender Pay Gap Like Little Bosses

By now everyone should know (and if you didn't, you do now) that women in America make 78 cents to every dollar that a man earns, even less if you're a Latina or black woman. Now an empowering new video is using the future women of America to show what we should do when it comes to this appalling gender wage gap.

Writer and YouTube star Issa Rae collaborated with the non-profit group Make It Work and a handful of adorable kids to create a video titled "Lessons in Equal Pay From Corporate America" that clearly depicts how the gender pay gap works in kid-friendly terms.

A male and female customer (played by "Revenge" actor Gabriel Mann and actress Anika Noni Rose) approach a lemonade stand and offer the little boy a dollar for his cup of lemonade. When they pay the girls, however, they just hand them a bunch of change. More specifically, the white girl gets 78 cents, the black girl 65 cents and the Latina girl 54 cents—the exact pay gap that occurred in 2015, according to Make it Work.

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The girls (and boy) wonder how this is fair as they used the exact same amount of ingredients to make and sell their lemonade as the boy did, and the adult responds, "Because we value him more than we value you."

Cue the kids' confusion. And ours.

Watch the full clip below:

The ultimate message is clear: the disparity in pay (and other significant things) between genders starts early and won't change unless we teach our kids—girls and boys—to speak up and demand more.

As the video's end card states, "Stop being polite. Start asking questions."

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Photograph by: YouTube

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