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Millennial Parents Are Starting a New Baby-Naming Trend

Photograph by Twenty20

Agreeing on the perfect baby name is never easy, but when it involves how to incorporate both parents' last names, it gets a little trickier. Do you hyphenate Baby's last name? Give your last name as a middle name? Invent some kind of hybrid name? Well, the conundrum appears to be solved for now as more and more millennial moms are choosing to name their baby after their surnames.

It makes sense. With a growing trend of unique baby names ( Wolfe, anyone?), no one would blink an eye at a Huntington or Smith. And as more and more women are choosing to keep their last name after marriage, this will become a more common choice. Laura Wattenberg, author of "The Baby Name Wizard" tells the Chicago Tribune, "This is a challenge that lots of couples are approaching in different ways. ... Whether or not the parents change their names at marriage, there's a feeling that you want both families to be represented equally in the kids' names."

While the practice of using last names as first names used to be popular in the South, it's slowly petered out over the decades. But, as they say, everything old becomes new again.

What do you think of this new trend?

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