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One Thing the Famous Hairstyling Dad Didn't Expect

When single father Philippe Morgese starting braiding his daughter's hair, he never really expected that it would change his life.

He began braiding his daughter's hair as a simple way to spend time with her. After getting a few requests from other dads,he approached a local beauty school for free space to host a class for the other hairstyling dads on the block.

"I know how important it is for a father and his daughter to have a close relationship because I'm with my daughter 24/7 and see the benefits, first hand," Morgese explained on his personal Facebook page.

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The class, of course, was a huge success and has led to more daddy-daughter classes, a new mother-daughter class, a new community, and viral fame from NCB News to Buzzfeed to the Huffington Post that has changed his life.

"A month ago I was happy selling on eBay," Morgese told me with a laugh. "Life throws curve balls at us."

Morgese has taken it all in stride, enjoying the fun of helping other families, but one particular part of all the attention he didn't quite expect?

Women all over the world throwing themselves at him.

According to Morgese, he has been getting a little extra attention from starstruck women across the world, who can't seem to handle a dad with some serious hairstyling skills.

"I'm seriously blown away by this," Morgese exclaimed to me. "I can't believe some women and how forward they are. I've had invitations to date, travel and even have sex! One lady said she would pay for us to visit Sweden, just to hang out. I've had messages from woman in Asian countries that were confessing their love for me and Emma. I've had girls locally ask me out and a few more offers of sex or relationships. I've had old girlfriends become really friendly with me, dropping off gifts and sending me more messages than ever before."

Morgese is able to laugh about all of the attention from his lady lurkers, noting that "it does wonders for my ego," but make no mind about it, ladies: He's not interested right now.

"I can't be distracted right now by them; I have a lot on my plate," Morgese says firmly. "I used to love dating women, but it's hard when you have a kid with you 24/7. I don't think it's healthy for my daughter to see the instability that is my dating life."

I got a taste of Morgese's charm when he cheerfully encouraged me to keep practicing braiding my own daughter's hair after I confessed that I gave her a completely lopsided braid for picture day. "When I did the rope braid, I kept failing," he said, as if confiding a deep, dark secret. "I was twisting the hair the wrong way. Many times, it's one simple step that holds us back. I was able to show the dads how to do it in about 15 minutes, first by explaining it and then going to them one by one. I know it's a struggle. With practice, you'll get it."

He also gave props to the leading lady in his life.

"My daughter helps too, it wouldn't be possible without her," he said.

Say it with me now: Awwwwww.

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Next up, Morgese is hoping to take on Disney. He has plans to team up with a friend and do some videos at the parks, detailing their hairy adventures along the way. "I think it would be cute to show two single dads doing Minnie mouse hair and having a blast at Disney," he explained.

Why yes, yes, it would be super cute Morgese. But something tells me he might want to watch out for some overenthusiastic ladies in all those lines.

Photographs by: Philippe Morgese

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