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Mom Nails Why Little Girls Deserve Real Damn Pockets, Too

Photograph by Twenty20

Girls as young as toddlers are realizing that women's clothes are frustratingly behind the times. Heather Kaczynski Twitter-vented on behalf of her furious 3-year-old daughter, who had nowhere to store her rock collection.

"Please put pockets on girls pants," the Alabama mom wrote. "My (daughter) is so angry when she doesn't have pockets or the pockets are fake. She has things to hold, like rocks and Power Rangers. She's resorted to putting stuff down her shirt."

The struggle was so real and relatable that the tweet has been shared more than 62,000 times since Friday, and parents everywhere are posting similar stories in agreement. Because when girls don't have pockets, you best believe they're storing their treasures in hats, socks, the bands of their pants or giving them to Mom to hold. (And Mom already has more than enough to hold because she doesn't have pockets, either!)

Kaczynski, who has received messages calling her complaint trivial, has since deleted her original tweet and listed all other important things she could simultaneously care about.

But arguably, pockets are also serious business. Kaczynski's daughter might only be a tot, but her complaint nailed a problem even grown women gripe about. Seriously, though, is it too much to ask for some damn functional pockets?

Camilla Olson, creative director of a high-tech fashion firm, told the Atlantic in 2014 that the lack of pockets points to the inherent sexism within the industry. Mid-range fashion is a male-dominated business driven by how fabric drapes and slims a body or is designed with the expectation that all women will carry a purse to store their belongings.

So, listen up, clothing brands: It's time to give us shorts with front pockets deep enough to hold our car keys, coats with inner breast pockets that could safely conceal our phone and yoga pants that could store essential post-workout snacks. And don't forget the kiddos, too. Because little girls should be able to collect as many freakin' rocks, acorns and shells as they want.

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