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Guess Who Photobombed This Newborn's Photo Shoot?

Everyone who's been through the experience of a newborn photo shoot knows the basics. The baby pretty much just lays there asleep while the photographer gently poses their body into impossibly cute poses. But once in a blue moon, something totally unexpected and once-in-a-lifetime happens.

Photographer Megan Rion of Imagine That Photography was shooting a session with a one-month-old when an unexpected guest decided to drop by: a deer. The deer, named Maggie, was a rescue that had been dropped off at the Sam Houston Jones State Park where the shoot was taking place.

Instead of shooing the visitor away, Rion decided to try and coax it a little closer for a truly memorable shot. She tells USA Today, "My assistant then took ... an ear of corn to coax her to look straight. Not only did she look my way, but she came up calmly walking towards baby Conner and our setup."

Rion explains that this isn't the first time she's had Maggie photobomb one of her sessions. "Maggie has been appearing in our photos since the beginning of the summer. She has been in six different photo shoots. She shows up for five to fifteen minutes then strolls on her way." The resulting images are simply magical.

These are images the kids will treasure even when they're all grown up, don't you think?

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Photographs by: Imagine That Photography

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