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Teens Consume Nearly 9 Hours of Media Each Day

Common Sense Media released a survey that outlines how teens spend their time in front of media screens. Their survey revealed that teens spend nearly 9 hours per day consuming media and, despite a healthy offering of online media outlets, teens still favor music and television.

Of 2,658 teens and tweens surveyed two-thirds of teenagers said they listen to music every day, and 58 percent said the same about watching television, the study reported. Nearly half of all teens percent reported using social media every day and 36 percent said they enjoyed using social media "a lot." Nearly 70 percent of teens said they enjoyed listening to music more than all other forms of media.

Preteens preferred television, with 62 percent of respondents aged 8 to 12 saying they watched every day, according to the study. Tweens said they spend just under six hours a day consuming media.

There is no surprise that the survey found male teenagers spent an average of 56 minutes a day playing video games, while girls devoted only 7 minutes to gaming. Girls reported spending more time on social media or reading than boys.

According to the study, a parent's influence on their teen's consumption was aimed at the type of content that they watched or listened to, rather than the amount of time they spent on media.

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