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OMG, What?! Mom Delivers Her Own Baby With the Help of YouTube Tutorials

Photograph by Twitter

There are incredible birth stories and then there's the one Tia Freeman just shared on Twitter. The 22-year-old mom from Nashville, Tennessee, explained how she gave birth to her now 7-week-old baby boy, Xavier, and since then jaws have been dropping around the world.

In true fierce mom fashion, the U.S. Air Force member ended up delivering her own baby with the help of the internet. But if you ask her, Freeman doesn't quite see why everyone's so blown away.

Freeman didn't know she was pregnant until her third trimester, as she was on birth control that didn't give her a period. Plus, she gained less than 20 pounds during the whole pregnancy and thought the extra weight gain was probably from not going to the gym. (There are some cases where women don't even realize they're pregnant until the baby wants out.)

Freeman also had already bought tickets for a vacation in Germany and to visit her friend Jakob, who started the whole Twitter frenzy.

The mom went on to explain that she wasn't about to waste that international flight money even after her discovery, so on March 7, she hopped on the 14-hour flight.

Sometime toward the end of the flight, she started to feel cramps and thought it was a problem with the salmon she ate. Freeman tried to sleep it off. But when she landed at her layover in Istanbul, Turkey, and was in line for customs, the cramps got much worse.

The next time you think customs is taking forever, just re-read this tweet:

Freeman ended up making it to a hotel (because no way did she want to give birth at the airport). But she wasn't sure how to get help in Turkey, didn't know the country's emergency number and didn't know how her insurance would work overseas. On top of that, the baby was definitely coming any minute now because she could no longer stand up.

So ... she turned to the internet for help.

The one-woman team sprang into action and filled the tub with warm water. She grabbed a towel to bite down on and another ready to wrap up the baby. Thanks to some internet searches and YouTube tutorials, she looked for a comfortable birth position and got started.

She timed her contractions and realized they were a minute apart. After about five or six pushes, her baby was out. (Is that the fastest birth ever or what?!)

After figuring out her baby was a boy, she learned she also had to wait for the placenta to pass. When she felt as if she was having another contraction, Freeman sat on the toilet, dropped the placenta into one of the sanitation bags in the hotel's bathroom and Googled how to cut an umbilical cord. She boiled her shoelaces to sterilize them and used them as makeshift clamps, then cut the cord herself (this was the only time she was nervous).

Then after all that was done, exhaustion set in, so the new mom decided to catch some ZZZ's. (Note: If you do end up in a situation where you have to deliver your own baby, experts say it's best to get to a doctor as soon as possible so they can check you and the baby for any issues).

Since the thread went viral, people have both praised and criticized Freeman's decisions, calling her brave and resourceful on one end and irresponsible and reckless on the other. In either case, we're happy to hear that the mom and baby are both well. We think it's safe to say, those two are definitely ready for anything.

Photograph by Tia Freeman / Twitter
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