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Arizona Mom Doesn't Regret Using Pot While Pregnant

According to the Daily Beast, Trinity Dogood suffered from excessive vomiting even before she knew she was pregnant. A visit to the ER confirmed that she was expecting and she was told to take more vitamin D and spend more time outside to curb her morning sickness.

"I woke up every day around 4 or 5 a.m., like clockwork, just puking," Dogood told The Daily Beast. She described vomiting more than 30 times per day which left her exhausted and unable to care for her other children.

Dogood knew that what she was experiencing was more than just morning sickness so she began to search for a remedy and tried all sorts of recommendations found on the internet. When nothing offered relief, she considered taking a prescribed drug but decided against it when she learned that it had not been deemed safe for early pregnancy.

Continued research led her to discover Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG), a complication of pregnancy that she says mirrored her own symptoms. Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) is a rare complication of pregnancy that can lead to dehydration, weight loss, and electrolyte imbalances due to severe vomiting. Although the condition occurs in only 1 to 3 percent of expecting moms, the unlucky ones may choose to terminate their pregnancies rather than endure this destructive complication.

Instead of terminating her pregnancy, Dogood decided to explore one more option, medical marijuana.

Although 23 states have legalized marijuana for medical purposes, doctors are hesitant to prescribe it to expectant mothers because it its consumption while pregnant is generally considered to be fetal abuse.

Eight weeks into her pregnancy, Dogood's boyfriend came home to find her laying on the couch still retching into a bucket. Dogood followed him outside where he offered her a marijuana joint. She said she couldn't take a hit herself so he blew a cloud of the smoke in her face. Within 30 seconds, she had stopped vomiting.

"I started to sob," Dogood told the Daily Beast. Next, she recognized a sensation she hadn't felt in weeks—hunger. She ate a slice of pizza...and then quickly wolfed down another. This was the most she had eaten in 2 months.

At her next doctors visit she told her doctor about her marijuana use and was told that she would be reported to child protective services as soon as her child was born.

Worried that she would lose all of her children she decided to stop using the marijuana just before her planned c-section. She delivered a healthy baby girl.

Dogood was tested for marijuana and her tests came back negative, but her daughter was found to have marijuana in her system which prompted doctors to call child protective services.

CPS visited her family and took hair samples from everyone for drug testing, promising to return to investigate further.

Dogood said that she does not regret her decision to use marijuana during her pregnancy but she looks forward to having her family all to herself again, away from the scrutiny of CPS.

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