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The Breastfeeding Danger You Never Expected

Photograph by WikiCommons

Breastfeeding moms often feel exposed and vulnerable, but not quite like this. A 39-year-old mom was attacked in a quiet corner of a Manhattan park while her daughter was asleep in her arms, nursing.

Elena Sobina was feeding her 6-month-old daughter Kelly in Fort Tryon Park last week when she felt someone had approached the bench she was sitting on from behind.

Sobina told the Daily News that she could sense someone was standing behind her. She was holding her daughter in her left arm and her phone in her right hand when she was suddenly attacked by a man with a knife.

"It's hard to remember what happened in that moment—he pushed me onto the ground, the baby fell. I was above her," she said. The baby's lip was scraped in the fall. Sobina huddled over her, trying to protect her. She pleaded with the man, 31-year-old Juan Garci,a to take her bag with the money, which was hanging from her stroller.

"I was screaming 'Please, please, take the bag with the money!' The bag was hanging on the stroller, and I was crawling away from him with Kelly," she told the reporter. "I thought he would kill me."

She was crawling away with her daughter when Garcia snatched the bag and ran. She started chasing after him, when another person in the park called police, who used her iPhone tracking app to find Garcia.

The Daily News reported that he was charged with robbery, criminal possession of a weapon, endangering the welfare of a child and grand larceny.

Sobina, an actress from Ukraine, said she had seen Garcia at the park before.

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