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Missing Child Found Alive After 13 Years

A mother in Alabama who has been searching for her missing son for 13 years received the shock of a lifetime when she was told that he had been found alive.

Now 18 years old, Julian Hernandez was discovered living with his father Bobby Hernandez in Cleveland. His father has been charged with child abduction and tampering with records in Ohio so that he could obtain a driver's license under an assumed name.

According to WMTV13 Julian was 5 years old when his mother reported him missing. She reported that his father had arranged to take him to pre-school in August 2002 but they never arrived.Countless searches and inquiries were made and no positive leads were ever found.

The discovery of the missing child was made by his school guidance counselor after Julian attempted to apply for college but his social security number was unregistered. This prompted the counselor to do further research and found Julian was listed on the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Julian lived with his father, a woman and two other children. It is not known if he knew he had been reported missing.

His mother and family have been notified that Julian had been found. Authorities are working together to extradite him back to Alabama.

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