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Man Undergoes Hypnosis So He Won't Pass Out in Delivery Room

When you have a squeamish fear of blood, the delivery room is probably one of the last places you'd like to be. But when it's your own children who are being delivered, you might want to find a way around your fears.

That's what happened with Adam Broomfield-Strawn of Hampshire, England, when his wife, Nerine Broomfield-Strawn, became pregnant and wanted Adam to help her through labor.

So what did Adam do?

Through his wife, he got the help of a hypnotist. And not only was he able to witness the births of both of his children, Heath and Satine, he was able to go one step further.

"I don't know what the hypnotist did, but my squeamish husband held my hand throughout the birth and he was even able to cut the cord," Nerine tells the Daily Mail. "It was amazing."

Nerine first noticed her husband's aversion to all things medical soon after they met and began taking a first aid class together, the site reports.

Shortly after the instructor began explaining how blood cells work, Adam had passed out on the floor.

So when Nerine became pregnant, her anxiety centered more on her husband than on the actual delivery.

"I should have been worried about the birth," she tells the Daily Mail, "but I was more worried about whether Adam would be OK."

That's when Nerine started investigating solutions online and found a hypnotist who said he could help people with phobias.

And while she also enlisted her friend as a Plan B to help her during labor, Nerine also thought the hypnosis option was "worth a shot."

After attending weekly classes and learning special mantras that he could also repeat in the delivery room, Adam was by his wife's side when she gave birth to their son in November 2009.

"I was pleased he could be there, and I know it was one of the most special moments of Adam's life," Nerine says.

Adam was also able to attend the birth of their daughter, who's now 3, and credits hypnosis with overcoming his fears.

"The sessions got me into a very calm state and taught me to push any negative thoughts away," Adam says.

"The birth was incredible," he continues. "I wouldn't have missed it for the world."

Image via The Daily Mail

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