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11-Year-Old Girl Puts One Million Moms on Time-Out

You'd think in an organization boasting one million moms as members, there would be at least one who has the good sense to tell everyone else in the group to say nothing if they can't say something nice. You'd think. And yet it took an 11-year-old girl to tell the group One Million Moms to mind its own business.

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Amaya Scheer of Montgomery County, Maryland, was recently featured in an issue of American Girl magazine, which for an 11-year-old is basically a dream come true. Scheer is the daughter of two gay dads, Rob and Reece Scheer, who adopted her out of foster care along with three other children. Amaya describes in the magazine how she enjoys caring for the animals on her family's farm, and she recalls the moment she received her first-ever nightgown:

"When my brother and I got adopted, I was 4 and he was 2. I was scared at first. I didn't know what was going on or where we were going. I didn't smile at all. But then I found a brand-new nightgown on my bed. I started to smile. I had never had my own nightgown before. It was pink with a princess on it. She was wearing a blue gown, and she had a carriage and a prince and everything."

The pictures Amaya paints is rosy, until One Million Moms enters the picture. The conservative group is calling for an American Girl boycott because "scripture says multiple times that homosexuality is wrong, and God will not tolerate this sinful nature. American Girl doesn't highlight other sins in their magazine."

Surely the energy spent protesting their family could be better spent assisting kids who really need care.

While the Scheer family said to Fox 5 in Washington, D.C., that some criticism was to be expected, having it come from a group of moms was shocking.

"These were moms!" Rob Scheer said. "These were moms that were saying that my family was wrong, that the love that my husband and I are giving our four kids and what we're doing was wrong. I would expect moms not to say these type of things about our family."

Furthermore, it's not as if American Girl was spotlighting the Scheer family because there are two dads instead of a dad and a mom—no, they're featured for the great work they do helping kids in foster care in D.C., Maryland and Virginia get supplied with stuffed animals, games and backpacks. As a simple nightgown gave Amaya some peace in a new situation, so too does the Scheer family's nonprofit, Comfort Cases, as it aims to soothe kids in complex situations in simple ways.

No where in the American Girl article is sexuality mentioned, although the kindness of the Scheer family is embedded in every sentence. Yet One Million Moms says it's really about American Girl trying to "desensitize our youth by featuring a family with two dads ... We must remain diligent and stand up for biblical values and truth. Scripture says multiple times that homosexuality is wrong, and God will not tolerate this sinful nature."

American Girl stands by the piece on the Scheer family, telling ABC News: "Amaya's story about her efforts to help kids in foster care is a perfect example of how one young girl is making a meaningful difference in the lives of others. The article is very much in line with the thousands of others we've shared in American Girl magazine over the years, and we are proud to have shared Amaya's story with our readers."

Of course, Rob points out the irony of the protest, since surely the energy spent protesting their family could be better spent assisting kids who really need care.

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"These are a 'million moms.' They could really be helping the 364,000 kids in foster care," he said. "This is our family and it works for us. And you know what? We have four amazing kids that we adopted out of foster care. These are four kids that have fulfilled our life more than we ever thought. So to the Million Moms, I say to them, 'You know what? Go to your local foster care agency those kids could really use your help and not worry about the Scheer family.'"

For her part, Amaya had just one thing to say to the One Million Moms: "This is none of your business."

Photograph by: Joyce Smith Photography / American Girl

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