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Toddler Can't Decide If He Wants to Be in Timeout

Timeouts can be the worst for toddlers. They often have to sit in a corner or in a separate room while sullenly reflecting on whatever grievance they've committed. (Do not even think about throwing that carrot across the dinner table at your sister!)

Not only can it be shameful, it can also be downright boring.

But one toddler boy can't decide if he wants a self-imposed timeout or not—and his dad caught all of the drama on video.

When the boy tells his dad he wants to be in timeout, his dad says, "OK, you're in timeout." To which the boy screams "No!"

Then when his dad relents and says he's not in timeout, well, the little boy shouts "No!" with the same indignant vehemence.

The little boy's dad just can't win.

"Do you need a hug?" he asks his son.


"My 2-year-old son got bent out of shape," the father writes on his YouTube page. "Being a toddler is hard and sometimes there's no right answer."


Image via YouTube

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