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Mom Parodies Adele's 'Hello' in the Best Way

Deva Dalporto is back with yet another musical parody, and moms will feel her pain as she sings a version of Adele's "Hello" that shows just how hard it is to talk on the phone when you have kids.

Kicking off the sepia-toned video is Dalporto, of MyLifeSuckers, trying to have a conversation while her children are fighting at her feet.

"I'm sorry, I can never have a phone conversation," she finally says to the person on the other end. "Call you in 18 years."

From there, Dalporto laments everything from having a pint-sized audience when she goes to the bathroom to asking her son over and over to pick up his shoes.

"Hello, can you hear me, child?" she sings. "I must have asked a thousand times."

We totally hear you, Deva—especially the scene when she has to literally go outside and stand next to a tree to talk to her friend.

And we're assuming Adele, who's mom to 3-year-old Angelo, will hear you, too.

Image via YouTube

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